• "Playbird" of the month
    Rainbow Lorikeet
    (aka "Miss Decibel")

    The Rainbow Lorikeets are well-known in East Australia suburbia as colourful, very noisy, gregarious birds. Their shrill squawks around twilight, as they settle into their favourite trees, can over-ride the hum of your car engine, the music from your radio, and even the engine noise of that truck in the next lane to you. These sounds are no match for the decibel output of a flock of Lorikeets.

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  • Avian "Tails"
    The Spring Bug

    We humans are quite familiar with this particular bug. After dusting off the Winter blues, we become very active in Spring, renewing and cleaning everything to mark the start of another cycle. Around the same time, our feathered friends start their own cycle - one of renewing their species.

    The problems come when our activities overlap with each other.

    Have we ever paused to think about the effect our actions might be having on them?

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  • Found An Injured Bird?

    Quite often when we are out and about we come across a bird which is injured, sick or been blown from its nest during a storm. Should you encounter this situation, it is very important that the correct procedures are taken initially.

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  • The Good, The Cute and The Ugly...

    Birds are fascinating and mysterious and can go through amazing and dramatic changes from hatchlings right through to adulthood.

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  • How can YOU help?

    Knowledge is Power - so, read around on here to KNOW more about our feathered friends. We'd love for you to know more about WHAT TO DO if you find an injured or orphaned bird.

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BIRO is a volunteer, non-profit organisation whose primary concern is the care, rehabilitation, and release of injured and orphaned native birds. Along with that, we are also a Support group for the carers who align themselves with us.

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